HP 1910-24 Switch`i seadistamine

HP 1910-24 Switch

Setting terminal parameters To configure and manage the switch, you must run a terminal emulator program on the console terminal. The following are the required terminal settings: • Bits per second—38,400 • Data bits—8 • Parity—None • Stop bits—1 • Flow control—None • Emulation—VT100


  • Connect via terminal (Zterm) at 38400-N-8-1
  • kasutajanimi: admin parool: <jätta tühjaks>
  • ip aadressi seadistamine
    • <sysname>ipsetup ip-address 24 default-gateway
  • Peale ip aadressi seadistamist saate edasi seadistada juba web`i lehitseja abil
  • Olemas oleva seadistuse vaatamine
  • olemas oleva seadistuse vaatamine:
    • <sysname>summary
    • Veebi lehitsejaga seadistamine
    • Selleks et teha edasisi seadistusi, pange switchi seadistatud ip aadress veebi lehitseja aadressi reale. Edasi küsitakse seal kasutajanime, parooli ja kinnituskoodi.
      • Seadistuste kustutamine
      • <sysname> initialize
      • The startup configuration file will be deleted and the system will be rebooted. Continue?
      • [Y/N]:y
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