SNTP serveri seadistamine HP ProCurve Switch`idele

SNTP serveri lisamine (Simple Network Time Protocol)

Now that we are logged in to the switch, let’s enter configuration mode

USDRO-A01# config t

now that we are in configuration mode, we can begin to configure it for sntp. We begin with the timesync command:

USDRO-A01(config)# timesync sntp

Next, we tell it how many SNTP servers we are going to query. We use unicast for one, or broadcast for multiple. In my case, I am using unicast:

USDRO-A01 (config)# sntp unicast

Now, we tell it the SNTP server that we want to query. We also set the priority. If we only have 1 server, it is easy, but if we have multiple SNTP servers in the list, then the priority becomes important. In the case where there are multiple SNTP server, the lowest number is the highest priority.

USDRO-A01 (config)# sntp server priority 1

Finally, we need to set the offset for the time zone that we are in. This offset is set in minutes. My timezone (Mountain is -6 hours away from GMT). So, I multiply the number of hours by 60 and use that.

USDRO-A01 (config)# time timezone -360

And that should do it. We can now test to be sure that our switch has the correct time set:

USDRO-A01(config)# time
Tue May 5 22:45:07 2015

Putting It all Together

Here is all of the configuration altogether:

timesync sntp
sntp unicast
sntp server priority 1
time timezone -360

SNTP serveri kustutamine (Simple Network Time Protocol)

Deleting Addresses. To delete an address, you must use the CLI. If there are
multiple addresses and you delete one of them, the switch re-orders the
address priority.
Syntax: no sntp server < ip-addr >
For example, to delete the primary address in the above example (and
automatically convert the secondary address to primary):
ProCurve(config)# no sntp server