How to Create Home Folder in Active Directory Domain Services in Windows Server 2012 R2

Home folder which is also called netwok folder allows users to back up their files. Those files can roam around on any computer within the domain where user login.

Step 1: Create a folder in one of your hard disk drives

Create a folder in one of your hard disk drives

Step 2: Right-click the folder you created in above step and scroll the menu. Click Properties

Open properties

Step 3: Click Advanced Sharing.

Click on Advances Sharing

Step 4: Check the text box Share this folder. Click Permissions

Click on Permissions button

Step 5: Select Everyone under Group or user names and click Remove. When done clickAdd

Seöect everone and click on add button

Step 6: Search domain users by using Check Names button. When you found it select it and click OK

Search for domain users

Step 7: Allow full control from permissions for Domain Users

Add all permissions

Step 8: Open server manager dashboard and click Tools. Scroll down the menu and click Active Directory Users and Computers

Open Group policy management

Step 9: Select all the users you would like to set them up a home folder and right-click and scroll down the menu. Click Properties

Select all the users you would like to set up

Step 10: Open Profile tab and check the home folder. Provide a path in the format \\<MachineName>\<FolderName>\%username% andclick Apply. Click OK

Open the profile tab

When a user logins to any domain joined machine will get a home folder.