RoundCube – Filter (e-mailide suunamine)

Roundcube mail filter plugina install

To install the plugin you have to:

  1. PHP requirements: installed imap-module (–with-imap) for working with imap_mime_header_decode() function.
  2. Download zip-archive ( to Roundcube/plugins folder;
  3. Unzip downloaded zip-archive;
  4. Rename unziped folder to ‘filters’;
  5. Add “filters” in the plugins section of the roundcube configuration (config/

For example: $config[‘plugins’] = array( ‘archive’, ‘password’, ‘filters’,





To setup the plugin, open the file (see fail on plugins ja filters kataloogis) pluginate kataloogis) and edit the following variables:

$config[‘autoAddSpamFilterRule’] = TRUE;  // if TRUE a spam filter rule is created for all users which automatically move messages into junk folder

$config[‘spam_subject’] = ‘[SPAM]’;       // How to mark the spam in the subject? To have effect the previous variable must be TRUE.

$config[‘caseInsensitiveSearch’] = TRUE;  // if TRUE filters searching in case insensitive mode.

$config[’decodeBase64Msg’] = TRUE;        // if TRUE decodes base64 mail messages.



On vaja installida veel ka managesieve plugin

Sieve is a functionality that allows to use server-side rules to deal with emails on the server. Dovecot supports such rules and you have already set it up to listen on a network port for requests using the “managesieve” protocol that allows you to add, remove or edit such rules. RoundCube fortunately speaks “managesieve” – you just have to tell it how to talk to Dovecot. Start by copying the default configuration file to the required position:

  • Laadi alla managesieve plugin, paki see lahti ja tõsta plugins kataloogi roundcube alam kataloog.
  • Vaja muuta, failiks
    cp /usr/share/roundcube/plugins/managesieve/ /etc/roundcube/plugins/managesieve/
  • Then edit the /etc/roundcube/plugins/managesieve/ file and set the correct TCP port that Dovecot expects managesieve connections on:

$rcmail_config[‘managesieve_port’] = 4190;


  • Also enable the “managesieve” RoundCube plugin by editing this line to the /etc/roundcube/ file:
    Lisa managesieve rida juurde pluginate reale faili mis on config kataloogi sees

$rcmail_config[‘plugins’] = array(‘managesieve’);