FOG Encrypt – Domeeni Krüpteeritud Võtme Loomine

Method 1:

  • (Fog v1.x.x)
  1. Go to your fog Web GUI and find “FOG Project: Chuck Syperski, Jian Zhang, Peter Gilchrist & Tom Elliott FOG Client/Prep link: FOG Client/FOG Prep” at the footer of the page
  2. Click link for Fog Client/FOG Prep. This still leads to a section for downloading the FogCrypt service
  3. Download FogCrypt
  4. Unzip


  1. Open command promt(cmd)
  2. To get to the downloads folder type cd %userprofile%\Downloads
  3. cd FOGCrypt
  4. FOGCrypt.exe your password >encrypted-password.txt
  5. Open the file you created encrypted-password.txt with any text editor like notepad and the encrypted password can be copied into FOG via the FOG web interface.

Näide: C:\FOGCrypt>FOGCrypt.exe (Parool, mida domeenis kasutad) >parool.txt