Unify Long Range AP seadistamine VLAN`de peale

UniFi Controller Configuration Steps

  1. AP adoption process has been described in user guide and FAQ, and we will omit those steps here.
  2. To create WLAN, go to “Settings” > “Wireless Networks” on the controller.
  3. Create WLAN “vlan10_mgmt” (e.g.), wpa-psk security. Do NOT set VLAN ID ( see management vlan jääb untagitu`ks switchi konfis).
    This is because the VLAN 10 is already untagged on the AP plugged-in ports so we will let switch take care of that.
  4. Create WLAN “vlan20_user” in Open (e.g). In “Advanced” panel, check “VLAN” and “Use VLAN ID” to 20.
  5. Create WLAN “vlan30_finance” in PSK (e.g.). In “Advanced” panel, check “VLAN” and “Use VLAN ID” to 30.
  6. Create WLAN “vlan40_guest” in Open (e.g.) and check “Guest Policy”. In “Advanced” panel, check “VLAN” and “Use VLAN ID” to 40.
  7. Wait for the config provision to AP and you should these 4 SSIDs being broadcasted in the air.
  8. Use a laptop to connect to each WLAN and verify if the laptop can get a corresponding DHCP IP address.
    • vlan10_mgmt 10.0.10.x
    • vlan20_user 10.0.20.x
    • vlan30_finance 10.0.30.x
    • vlan40_guest 10.0.40.x
  9. Now you are all set with WLAN creation.



Switchis teed kõigepealt untagitud VLAN`i peal managementi ära ja lisad unify long range apd-d kontrollerisse ning peale seda teed tagitud VLAN`id switchi samale pordile ning nende samade VLAN`ide peale teed ka unify contoller`i wireless`i settingute alt uued wifi võrgud ja paned need vajalike VLAN`ide peale. Kui vaja pane wifi võrkudele peale ka paroolid.